Dave Honey ('Menace to Society') - 22/09/2007

Full name: Dave Honey
Nickname: 'Menace to Society'
Interviewed by: Sal

Ttrue fans know you as 'Menace to Society', who initially called you this & why?
I have always been known as this as I am a Black Belt 5th Dan in Karate

Who introduced you to Darts & how long have you been playing darts?
I have played darts for years, but joined the PDC in 2005 following the recommendation of Eric Bristow at an exhibition in Droitwich. I am currently semi ?? pro and have won the BDO national averages, Weston super Mare open & qualified for the World Championships, all in 2005

Where did you play your very first match after turning pro?
Gibraltar ?? in 2006 beating Adrian Lewis, Wes Newton, Darren Johnson & Wayne Jones to reach the quarter finals, finally losing to Terry Jenkins

Do you have a favourite or lucky venue you love playing at?
Anywhere in Holland & Wales ?? where I have won lots of opens & hit my 1st ever 9 darter.

Do you get nervous before your match, if so how do you cope with this?
I get nervous during my match but not before ?? don??t think this affects my game too much though!

What has been your biggest highlight so far?
I have two - qualifying for the World Championships in 2005 & hitting a 9 darter

Do you have any superstitions?
Yes - I always salute a magpie!!

How do you think the game has changed over the years?
The standard is definitely a lot higher now making darts a more competitive game.

Fans are important to any sport, if you could give a message to darts fans what would it be?
Players - Concentrate & keeping practicing. Spectators ?? enjoy the game & get caught up in the atmosphere, but have respect for the players.

Is there anyone else in the game who inspires you & why?
WAYNE JONES ?? The man is amazing ?? what he does or achieves is all for his 3 daughters following the death of his wife. All he ever wants is for his girls to be happy

Before darts, what was the worst job you ever did?
Washing up in a kitchen in the Isle of Wight!!

Favourite TV programme?

Favourite Food?
Anything Chinese

Favourite Drink?

Which place would you most like to visit or have you already?
Gibraltar ?? nice place to chill out & good weather. Oh yeh ?? and no tax !!

What do you get up to on your ??day off??
Teach Karate!!

What makes you angry?
Bad sportsmanship

What makes you laugh?
Chubby Brown

Blackpool or Dublin?

Chelsea or Man Utd?
Neither - Southampton!!

Beer or Wine?
White Wine

Cash or Credit Card?

J Lo or Jordan?
J Lo

Last Text Received?
To the ??Mrs?? (not well at home) ??How are you?

Last Text Sent?
From the ??Mrs?? - ??I??m ok?