Colin Lloyd ('Jaws') - 22/09/2007

Full name: Colin Lloyd
Nickname: 'Jaws'
Interviewed by: Vic

True fans know you as 'Jaws', who initially called you this and why?
I was called 'Jaws' at school because of my teeth - I've had some taken out now, so i no longer have the 'Jaws' teeth - but I still have the name!

Who introduced you to darts and when?
I've been playing since I was 11 years old, my brother put a board up in the house

When did you turn 'Pro'?
I joined the circuit in 1998 but turned 'Pro' in 2003

When did you play your very first match asfter joining the circuit?
The Eastbourne Open - I won that too, beating Peter Manley in the final

Do you have a favourite venue that you love playing at and why?
Blackpool - because its a great atmosphere, but I also loved playing at the Ally Pally in the Premier League

Do you get nervous before a match, if so how do you combat the nerves?
Yes I do get nervous - I just have another Jack Daniels & Coke or Gin & Tonic!! On the day of the tournament, I get 'butterflies' in my stomach when I step inside the venue, but they do go away!! I prefer to get to the venue about 3 hours beforehand so I can soak up the atmosphere and relax

What has been your biggest 'highlight' so far?
Well, there have been 3, all on a level - Winning the World Grand Prix in 2004, winning the World Matchplay in 2005 and, of course, winning the Primus Masters in 2004 to make me the World Number 1

Do you have any superstitions?

How do you think the game has changed over the years?
Its become a lot more professional with a lot more money at stake - it gets tougher every week, because the standard has gone up

Fans are important to any sport, what would be your message to darts fans of today?
I'm going to stick with you, as you've stuck by me - there's another big win in me yet - have faith!

Is there anyone else in the game that inspires you and why?
Not really! - if you can't drive yourself in an individual sport, then you shouldn't be there!! - I have a lot of respect for others, but winning drives me

Before darts what was the worst job you ever did?
I've not had a bad job really, I suppose the worst would be doing the barrier fencing on the motorway

Favourite TV Programme?
C.S.I Las Vegas

Favourite food?
Home cooked food

Favourite Drink?

Which place would you most like to visit or have you already?
For relaxation - the Causeway in County Kerry, Ireland. But I do love Las Vegas!

What do you get up to on your 'day off'?
I like to be at home, catch up with 'the mrs', go for a walk, swim, have a nice dinner and catch up with the family

What makes you angry?
Silly Little things!

What makes you laugh?
Silly things!!

Blackpool or Dublin?
I love both!

Chelsea or Man Utd?
Neither - Colchester United!

Beer or Wine?

Cash or Credit Card?

J Lo or Jordan?
Neither - all ladies are beautiful!!

Last text received?
'Good Luck in Wales mate, C U Soon' and 'Greedy guts has just eaten the last 1/2 of the chocolate mousse I made last night!!' (from the mrs)

Last text sent?
to Paul Mack (up north) - 'Take care buddy, speak to you soon'