John Ferrell ('The Joker') - 22/09/2007

Full name: John Ferrell
Nickname: 'The Joker'
Interviewed by: Vic

Fans know you as 'The Joker' - who initially called you this and why?
Phil Jones (Former MC), because I was laughing when I played my game

When did you start to play darts?
When I was 20 - about 26 years ago!!

When did you turn professional?
I'm not a 'professional' - but I've played professional darts for about 8 years

When did you play your very first match on the circuit?
Manchester Qualifiers for the Scottish Open

Do you have a favourite venue?
It was Purfleet - because I played there in the world championships

Do you get nervous before a match?
Yes - but drink combats the nerves!!

What has been your biggest highlight so far?
Beating Dennis Priestley 3 - 0 in the World Championships in 2000

Do you have any superstitions?

How do you think the game has changed over the years?
its improved 300% because of the players and the averages are so high now

Fans are important to any sport, what would your message be to darts fans of toda?
Take up golf - there's more money in it!!

Is there anyone else in the game that inspires you?

Before darts - what is the worst job you've done?
Worked in a paint shop

Favourite TV programme?
Meerkat Manor

Favourite Food?

Favourite Drink

Which place would you most like to visit or have already visited?
I've already visied Las Vegas - its such a fun place!!

What do you get up to on your 'days off'?
Don't get many days off!!

What makes you angry?
People who beat me!!

What makes you laugh?
People who beat me!!

Blackpool or Dublin?

Chelsea or Man Utd?
Man Utd

Beer or Wine?

Cash or Credit Card?

J Lo or Jordan?
J Lo

Last text received?
From my sponsor: 'you dickhead'

Last text sent?
To my sponsor: Last 32