Richie Lawrie - 02/12/2006

Full name: Richie Lawrie
Interviewed by: Vic

Where were you born?

Where do you live now?
South London

What car do you drive?
S500 Mercedes

What is your present job?
Owner of a car sales business and also a sponsor and manager of top darts players. ‚??I‚??ve worked with lots of top darts pro‚??s, regardless of where they are in the game, maintaining a strong association with Lionel Sams, Graeme Stoddart and Jamie Harvey‚??.

Have you always done that job, if not what have you done previously?
Not always, I was a semi-pro footballer and played for Sutton United, Horsham, Croydon and more recently Redhill FC.

What is the worst job you‚??ve ever had?
In a bakers, cleaning up all of the broken pie bits!

What is a typical day in the life of Richie?
Take my 2 children, Adam and Tayla to school, sort out a little business, work wise, see a couple of friends in my pals betting shop and have a cup of tea (Gary is the best bookie in the world ‚?? just ask Ronnie Baxter!!) Pick the kids back up from school, throw a couple of darts with Adam, as he loves the arrows too. Maybe when the kids have gone to bed, a little loving on the settee with the wife!!!! ‚?? Not a bad day eh?

How did you get involved with Darts & how long ago?
I watched the likes of Eric Bristow, Jockey Wilson and John Lowe and decided that darts was the main sport ‚?? I picked it up again in the mid 90‚??s when I became involved.

Do you play the game yourself & what is your highest ever checkout?
Yes ‚?? highest checkout was a 170

How do you think the game has changed over the years?
Phil Taylor has taken it to different levels now (I do believe that when Mr T retires, he will do it at the very top ‚?? the reigning World Champ to be precise!) Players seem to always raise their game when they play him. Barney coming to the PDC is great for the game ‚?? to have the 2 best players in the world in the same camp. You also have to take in to consideration what Tommy Cox and his team and also Mr Barry Hearn have done to bring the game to the forefront of British and Worldwide sport. It may not be what it is today without the very professional figures that are Tommy and Barry.

Favourite player & why?
There is in my opinion one chap, and that is my good friend Eric Bristow, for years the man mentally destroyed his opponents before they even got up on the oche. His wit alone was enough to win him matches, although he was also a brilliant player ‚?? a ‚??thief like‚?? darts player ‚?? leave him 121 or 118 and he would take it out!! I must say that John Lowe was in the same league and John was, and still is, a true gent.

Favourite TV programme/s
Bullseye (old version), Planes, Trains & Automobiles, and obviously being a Londoner ‚?? Only Fools and Horses. Just for the record ‚??Del Boy you owe me a few royalties for lending you half them sayings!!‚??

Favourite food
Curry and a Sunday Roast and I must admit to indulging in lots of salad, as I really try to take care of myself that way! It‚??s bad enough going on 3 or 5 day ‚??darts benders‚??, so you have to compensate with something good to eat!!

Favourite drink
Guinness and Vodka & Coke. Although once when me, Mark Robinson and Eric Bristow were out on the town in Las Vegas, mark introduced me to White Russians (Vodka, Kahula and Milk) I thought these are nice, so I drank about 3 pints of the stuff and ended up putting myself in bed with a 24 hour hangover!! ‚?? Brissie and Mark were fine, but I must‚??ve thrown up 2 stone!!!!

Which place would you most like to visit or have visited already?
Jamaica ‚?? that place is really ‚??irie‚?? and I can honestly say that is one little island I would really love to go to but I think I would like it so much that I would start ‚??cockney car sales‚?? out there!! I know the lingo (ask Eric) so I think I would get on ‚??wicked tings wid dem man‚??!!

Gardening, Horse Racing ‚?? Stodfish has cost me a fortune with his tips!!!, Watching the children grow up to be proper people, Loving my wife, Diane

What makes you angry?
There are too many false religions/preachers in this world. People with no manners P*** me off no end ‚?? manners cost nothing - It‚??s nice to be important, but it‚??s more important to be nice! Oh yeh! ‚?? must not forget this one ‚?? getting the kids ready in the morning when they are tired and giving me pure grief ‚?? really annoying and I‚??m sure I‚??m not the only one!! If I do get angry when I‚??m out and about ‚?? you will have to go through Geoff Wylie, as he‚??s my personal bodyguard!! ‚?? You have been warned!! Haha

What makes you laugh?
Silly humour ‚?? like Alan Partridge or being in a lift with 10 people and someone drops a stinker!! ‚?? Jamie Harvey‚??s done it a few times and we laugh our B******S off, he did it in the lift in Las Vegas once, the look on the yanks faces when we P****d ourselves was classic!!!

Fans are important to any sport, if you could give a message to darts fans what would it be?
There‚??s never been a better time to be involved in darts, whether a player, manager or sponsor, the benefits are there financially and with celebrity status in the highest order. Who would have thought that a darts player would have been up for ‚??Sports Personality of the Year Award‚?? in this day and age?? There‚??s loads of information on untold websites, like , or my good friend Big Al‚??s site of (Southern Ireland) or John Lowe‚??s site has loads of information. So get involved and believe me you will be welcome to join a very entertaining ride indeed. I mean who wants to go and pay ŇĀ150 to watch a footie match when you can watch the best darts players in the world for a tenth of the money!!!?? See you all at Purfleet for a pint or 10!!!

Blackpool / Dublin?

Chelsea / Man Utd?

Blonde / Brunette?
Doesn‚??t matter!

Cash / Card?

Left / Right?

J Lo / Jordan?
Diane Lawrie

Last text received?
‚??who won and did Jamie get through‚?? From Eric Bristow

Last text sent?
‚??Diane get the drinks in, I‚??m sitting down watching Jamie‚??