Wayne Mardle ('Hawaii 501') - 04/04/2007

Full name: Wayne Mardle
Nickname: 'Hawaii 501'
Interviewed by: Vic

Firstly, true fans know you as 'Hawaii 501', who initially called you this & why
Bobby George, because I wore an Hawaiian shirt at the 2000 championships at the Embassy ‚?? it just stuck from there, because the shirt is so different. It‚??s also an outlet for the fans to join in ‚?? as they hadn‚??t before.

Who introduced you to Darts & how long have you been playing darts?
My Dad introduced me to darts in 1984



Where did you play your very first game?
The Las Vegas Desert Classic in 1999, I was beaten in the final by Phil Taylor, but I did beat Colin Lloyd and John Part along the way!

Do you have a favourite or lucky venue you love playing at?
Purfleet ‚?? because its so intimate

So , how do you feel now that the venue for the World Championships has moved?
Absolutely gutted ‚?? I‚??ve always pictured in my mind dropping to my knees after winning! ‚?? Don‚??t know how its going to look now.

Do you get nervous before your match, if so how do you cope with this?
Yes ‚?? I get nervous anticipating a win, I always have 2 wines beforehand and 3 hours practice.

Sometimes when you are up there, do you ever give up?
No, never ‚?? you give up fighting but never give up trying

What has been your biggest highlight so far?
It would have to be beating Raymond Van Barneveld when he was the Embassy World Champion, in the Dutch Open in 1999 ‚?? as I‚??d only been on the Pro circuit for 3 months

Do you have any superstitions?
Not now ‚?? but I used to wear blue boxers!!!!

How do you think the game has changed over the years?
The game has changed to the point, literally, where 100 is not good enough any more.

Fans are important to any sport, if you could give a message to darts fans what would it be?
Keep supporting darts BUT when you are following a particular player be prepared to be there longer than they are.

What do you think a player can gain from the fans?
To listen to them big time!

When you are on stage do you hear the fans when they are shouting out?
I hear everything good, but learn to block out the s**t. I always hear my Dad!

Is there anyone else in the game who inspires you & why?
Bob Anderson ‚?? the man is 58 years old and a genius because of the way he carries himself ‚?? he believes everyone is as good as the next player.

Before darts, what was the worst job you ever did?
The only job I did was work in accounts for 14 years ‚?? it was great and I didn‚??t want to leave, but I did to turn Professional.

Favourite TV programme
Grand Designs

Favourite food
Chicken Madras

Favourite drink
No particular favourite - but i do like water

Which place would you most like to visit or have you already?
Las Vegas (already been) because I hate being dictated to!

What do you get up to on your ‚??day off‚???
Play with my dog ‚?? a Chocolate Labrador

What makes you angry?
Rude, ignorant people, but it also makes me like them because ‚??what goes around comes around‚??

What makes you laugh?
Anything funny ‚?? funny people ‚?? You‚??ve Been Framed

Blackpool / Dublin?

Chelsea / Man Utd?

Beer / Wine?

Cash / Credit Card?

Last text recieved?
‚??Hope you had a good night and they paid in full‚??

Last text sent?
‚??Hello it‚??s Wayne, been in traffic last hour, be with you about half 7‚??