Wes Newton ('Av It') - 02/12/2006

Full name: Wes Newton
Nickname: 'Av It'
Interviewed by: Vic

Firstly, true fans know you as ‚??Av It‚??, who initially called you this & why?
My Sponsor, Dave Ansell, who is a Londoner ‚?? every time I had a good leg or match, he shouted it!

Who introduced you to Darts & how long have you been playing darts?
My dad at the age of 10

Properly since the age of 16

I turned Pro about 1 month ago

Where did you play your very first match?
On the circuit, in Antwerp about 4 years ago

Do you have a favourite or lucky venue you love playing at?
Favourite - Blackpool. Lucky - Las Vegas ‚?? as I‚??ve reached 2 semi finals there

Do you get nervous before your match, if so how do you cope with this?
No, I just want to get out there and get on with the game

What has been your biggest highlight so far?
Reaching the 2 semi finals at Las Vegas

Do you have any superstitions?

How do you think the game has changed over the years?
More money has taken it forward, it‚??s more professional and there are more opportunities for everyone.

Fans are important to any sport, if you could give a message to darts fans what would it be?
Av It

Is there anyone else in the game who inspires you & why?
Phil Taylor, because he‚??s taken the game to another level.

Before darts, what was the worst job you ever did?
I‚??ve always been an Accountant ‚?? I still do that 1 day a week now that I‚??m a Pro Darts Player.

Favourite TV programme?
Only Fools and Horses

Favourite food?
Curry (Chinese or Indian)

Favourite drink?
Lager, Tea ‚?? in that order!

Which place would you most like to visit or have you already?
I‚??d like to go to the Seychelles, but having been to Las Vegas, I also like it there.

What do you get up to on your ‚??day off‚???
Chill Out ‚?? but I do practice every day!

What makes you angry?
Losing games that you shouldn‚??t have done ‚?? missed doubles, things like that

What makes you laugh?
Winning makes me happy!

Blackpool / Dublin?

Chelsea / Man Utd?

Beer / Wine?

Cash / Credit Card?

J.Lo / Jordan?

Last text received?
'What time you home?‚??

Last text sent?
‚??I don‚??t know‚??