Graeme Stoddart ('The Fish') - 02/12/2006

Full name: Graeme Stoddart
Nickname: 'The Fish'
Interviewed by: Sal

Firstly, true fans know you as The Fish, who initially called you this & why
Everyone started calling me ‚??The Fish‚??, simply because I used to sell fish. Most people now know me as ‚??The Stodfish‚??

Who introduced you to Darts & how long have you been playing darts?
My dad when I was a lad

A long time ago! Started playing in Super league & played in Holland - 1984 Europe Cup

Not turned pro yet!

Where did you play your very first game?
I can‚??t remember!!

Do you have a favourite or lucky venue you love playing at?
Circus Tavern ‚?? it‚??s a condensed venue and has a great crowd atmosphere

Do you get nervous before your match, if so how do you cope with this?
Yes but I find a few ciders do help!!!

What has been your biggest highlight so far?
Having a 9 darter in Switzerland, considering I left my darts at home & borrowed someone else‚??s

Do you have any superstitions?

How do you think the game has changed over the years?
Since the 16 guys broke away from BDO the game has changed. Sky TV‚??s involvement now has made a lot of difference and is great!!

Fans are important to any sport, if you could give a message to darts fans what would it be?
Thanks for your support ‚?? 100%

Is there anyone else in the game who inspires you & why?

Before darts, what was the worst job you ever did?
Employed as a cleaner 2 days a week, earning just £5

Favourite TV programme
The Shield ‚?? American Crime Drama

Favourite food
Surf & Turf (medium-rare)

Favourite drink
Brown Ale

Which place would you most like to visit or have you already?
Las Vegas

What do you get up to on your ‚??day off‚???
Sleep, gamble & play golf (handicap 20 unofficially, 12 officially!!)

What makes you angry?
Sunderland winning

What makes you laugh?
Sunderland losing

Blackpool / Dublin?

Chelsea / Man Utd?
neither ‚?? Newcastle of course !

Beer / Wine?

Cash / Credit Card?

Last text received?
Good luck message from friends

Last text sent?
Nothing ‚?? I never send messages