Eric Bristow ('The Crafty Cockney') - 02/12/2006

Full name: Eric Bristow
Nickname: 'The Crafty Cockney'
Interviewed by: Sal

Firstly, a lot of fans know you as ‚??The Crafty Cockney‚?? and know how you got that name, but if you could choose a new name today, what would it be & why?
That‚??s a difficult question - I can‚??t think of one!

What is your favourite venue & why?
The Jollies in Stoke on Trent, was the original darts venue. I also like the Lakeside, as it‚??s big and spacious.

When you play, do you get nervous, if so how do you combat the nerves?
I try to control the nerves by having a few beers beforehand, as it helps me to relax

During your decade of domination in the 80‚??s, what is your greatest memory?
Winning my 1st Championship in 1981, although I had won the World Masters and was favourite to win the Embassy in the first 2 years, winning the championship got the monkey off my back, it helped playing an idiot in the final!!!! (Bobby George)

Your worst memory?
It would‚??ve been to lose to an idiot in the final!!!

How do you think the game has changed over the years?
The game hasn‚??t changed, but it‚??s more professional now ‚?? the BBC chose to highlight the drinking aspect of the game, both the players on stage and the fans/audience. Sky TV wouldn‚??t do that which is why the BBC have got nothing now.

Personally, do you think this is for the better or worse & why?
For the better ‚?? there are more darts on TV now. Although the BDO are talking about banning Northern Ireland players from playing in their tournaments ‚?? All players should be able to play

We all know fans are important to any sport. There are a lot of darts fans out there who genuinely love the game, what would your message to them be?
Enjoy yourself, we‚??re on the up. We do need some more good players with a personality in the game though, Wayne Mardle has a good ‚??walk-on‚?? but can‚??t play the game ‚?? we need someone like him who‚??s good. We need a couple of characters in the game

Still thinking of the fans ‚?? there are a lot of fans who would love to attend the fab events like Blackpool & Purfleet but regularly miss out due to the greed of non darts fans wanting to make easy money on well known auction sites. What‚??s your opinion on this?
They‚??re going on sale straight away, on a first come first served basis now that the game is more popular ‚?? should those who had the tickets for the last 10 years still have them, or do we need to let more fans in?? We need bigger venues. I understand that they are checking the people who sell on ebay and make sure that they don‚??t get tickets again. Blackpool, for example, next year you won‚??t be able to by a table of 10 tickets Its hard when something gets popular to sometimes meet the d

Who would you say is a great Ambassador for the game & why?
Me!! Oh and John Lowe

You were awarded an MBE for your service to Darts, how did this make you feel?
I am the only darts player with an MBE ‚?? there were 2, but he lost his! I was only allowed to take 2 guests, and that‚??s a difficult choice, do you take the other half or do you take mom and dad?? It was a nice day ‚?? but you should be allowed more tickets, maybe 3, so you can take mom, dad and the spouse?

You are involved more so now in TV & exhibition work, what would a typical day in life of Eric Bristow be?
Doing an average of 3 to 4 exhibitions per week now

You still have loads of fans who would love to see you play competitively again, do you have any plans to do so.
I‚??m here today to play and I hope to get through ‚?? I feel great, I‚??m on the game and my head is right I also did the Legends Event in Tenerife with John Lowe earlier in the year, he beat me 10 ‚?? 6 ‚?? he F*****g won‚??t next time There is possibly going to be a Legends Tour, similar to the Premier League set up, but with some of the older stars, me, John etc

I hear you like to play golf ‚?? is this your way of relaxing on your day off?
I‚??ve not played for a while, the last time was with Lowey in Tenerife during the Legends event, but I‚??m a bandit 18 (under 9 ‚?? brill),(10 ‚?? 15 ‚?? average),(15 ‚?? 20 ‚?? need more practice), (20 or over ‚?? stick to darts)

Chelsea / Man Utd ?
Chelsea by 6 points at least!!!!

Beer / Wine?
Beer, but wine if out!

J.Lo / Jordan?

Cash / Credit Card?
Credit Card

This interview was conducted with the great man himself, Eric Bristow whilst at the Qualifiers at Villa Park in Birmingham on 2nd December 2006. All replies to the questions are as quoted by Eric; however, they do not necessarily represent the views of those associated with the website ‚??Darts Babes on Tour‚??