John Part ('Darth Maple') - 05/06/2007

Full name: John Part
Nickname: 'Darth Maple'
Interviewed by: Vic

Firstly, a lot of fans know you as ‚??Darth Maple‚?? ‚?? I‚??m guessing it‚??s linked to Canada, but how did that name come about and why the black maple leaf?
When I won the Embassy World Championship in 1994, I was wearing a black maple leaf.

What is your favourite venue? & why?
The Alexandra Palace ‚?? because it‚??s the Venue of the World Championship

When you play, do you get nervous, if so how do you combat the nerves?
The necessity of having to hit something combats the nerves

You‚??ve been playing darts for many years now, what would be your greatest memory over the years?
It would have to be when I beat Phil Taylor to take the title of World Champion in 2003

Your worst memory?
When I lost to Phil when I had a big lead ‚?? I lost in the last leg (that was 2 ‚?? 3 years ago)

You played like the ‚??John Part that we all know and love to watch‚?? in the Desert Classic last year, and it was fantastic to see you win another major tournament, how did that success make YOU feel?
GREAT! It was a relief to get a win again. It felt good to beat the co-champion of 2003 in a final, in a lakeside format.

What would a typical day in life of John Part be?
Practice about 2 ‚?? 3 hours per day, in the afternoons, if I‚??m at home.

Do you get a ‚??day off‚?? ‚?? if so, how do you relax?
I usually waste time on the internet, on forums, playing poker and watching movies.

Does the travelling ever ‚??get to you‚?? ‚?? I‚??m sure you fly a heck of a lot of miles each year?
I fly over 100,000 miles each year, which is over 200 hours flying each year, doesn‚??t really get to me, I just get on with it ‚?? it‚??s better than walking!!

Would you ever consider basing yourself here in the UK? (if not why?)
Not permanently, but maybe for 3 ‚?? 4 months if I got in to the Premier League

How do you think the game has changed over the years?
From when it started, the PDC has brought it up to where it is now, there is a lot of competition, a lot of tournaments and a lot of new talent coming through, young kids.

Personally, do you think this is for the better or worse & why?
Much for the better, because of the talent coming through.

We all know fans are important to any sport. There are a lot of darts fans out there who genuinely love the game and want you to do well, what would your message to them be?
As a sportsman to my fans ‚??be patient, but you can expect something in the long run. Another world championship is my goal. I would like to do what John Lowe did.‚?? (Championship over separate decades)

Who is your favourite player in today‚??s game and why?
I love watching me play!!! I have a great view. It‚??s too hard to narrow down ‚?? there are some really good young players coming through.

I‚??ve got my tickets for Bolton on Sunday ‚?? will I be watching you play???
Oh Yes!!

Give me some gossip!!
I‚??ve not got any!!

What was the last text you received?
Oh that was a joke text from Barry (French) (Note by Vic: It‚??s too rude to print, honest!!)