So, you ask ~ how did the 'Darts Babes' come about? Well here goes... Vic was watching the World Matchplay Final on Sky Sports in 2005 and decided that she would really like to go to Dublin to watch the World Grand Prix, as it had been a while since she'd been to a 'Live' event, so she asked her mate, Sal, if she fancied a girlie weekend in Dublin, oh and to watch the darts! Sal agreed and the rest is history really, we had a fantastic weekend in Dublin and met a few stars, and that was it ~ we were totally 100% hooked!!

In 2006, we did the Premier League in Wolverhampton, Bolton, Blackpool ~ ah Blackpool !! ~ that's where the 'Darts Babes On Tour' were born!! We decided that we'd like a 'unique t-shirt' for the Blackpool Weekend, so we created our own ~ never did we imagine the media coverage and interest that we got from wearing those t~shirts, oh yes and the 'flashing bunny ears'.

For those of you who have seen or met us, you know that we like to have a load of fun and a load of beer!!!, we both have demanding and serious jobs ~ and the 'Darts Babes' is our release ~ feel free to come and say 'hello' when you see us at the darts wearing our t~shirts!!

Vic & Sal